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The Problem in the Asia Beauty Sector

The beauty sector employs 40m people in Asia and suffers from chronic oversupply, inefficiency and fragmentation.

The pain point for brands, distributors, resellers, salons & SPAs is overcoming the dislocation between product supply, product demand and service engagement.

Brands/Channel Suppliers: High cost of goods per unit supplied, marketing overspend, limited brand visibility, customer engagement barriers.
Salons & SPA Venues: High fixed overheads, erosion by online service providers, added value marketing limitations, customer acquisition barriers.

Beauty sector in Asia
Meimor payment settlement

An eCommerce Solution for the New Age of Retail in Beauty

Meimor is ACTTAO's WeChat-integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription platform that connects the Asia beauty sector end-to-end and offers a range of services.

  • Supply, logistics & inventory management
  • Accounting, payment & point of sale (POS)
  • CRM, loyalty and fulfilment programmes
  • Referral agent/affiliate sales, promotion, PR & micromarketing

Distributors and brands, resellers and agents, service providers, salons and SPAs all use Meimor to Internet-enable their business and optimise commercial and operational processes with a range of cloud-based software modules.

Asia's Dedicated Vertical Platform for Beauty & Cosmetics Online-Offline (O2O) Business

B2B Highlights

  • Beauty trade eCommerce, product supply, stock management and purchasing.
  • WeChat Official Account (OA) integration with service modules including marketing, sales, promotions and support.
  • Sales and CRM functionality synching up online with offline customer engagement.

B2C Highlights

  • Beauty salon customer loyalty programmes, treatment services booking, and e-store shopping.
  • Internet-enabled retailing features including personal WeChat notifications, mobile direct payment and incentive programme tools.
  • Back office business operations, services and administration.
meimor signs agreement with Taiwan Beauty Association

Meimor signs agreement with Taiwan Beauty Association

meimor features

Meimor's features

Cross platform - built for access as a Web app, native mobile app (iOS and Android) and as a WeChat/HTML5 microchannel

  • An online sales platform offering consumer products, coupons and membership cards
  • Synchronization of the online salon platform with WeChat subscription marketing services to engage store followers
  • Co-marketing & joint PR tools, a library of advertorial content to give stores one-touch sharing with social networks
  • Coupon customization and voucher design for customer incentives and promotional campaigns
  • Data analysis functions offering graphical reporting of social sharing, content reposting and sales referrals
  • A mobile payment solution for POS, answering the growing demand for mobile checkout by stores
  • Meimor content marketing templates library for efficient publishing, promotion & PR

Meimor Case Study: A 20% Increase in Revenue by Saruisi

Saruisi is the one of Beijing's largest cosmetics distributor. They achieved a 20% growth in online revenue and reduced cost of sales by 20% in the first 12 months on the ACTTAO Meimor B2B eCommerce platform. Meimor has increased sales results and delivered channel management efficiencies.

  • More than 600 small to medium-sized SPAs in Beijing and nearby cities previously ordered products using paper-based order forms in the Saruisi catalogue. The Saruisi WeChat OA menu incorporating an eStore, product and promotional news and updates, a digital ordering system, chat-based customer service operators and bots, and integrated WeChat Pay and Alipay payment services has now replaced the offline channel supply inefficiencies, delays and errors.
  • Saruisi provides therapist and retailing staff training in SPA techniques for their brands. Online scheduling, booking and notifications of SPA product training has improved delivery and engagement with SPA owners on an important value-added digital service from Saruisi.
  • Contract pricing agreements negotiated with owners for the provision of their SPA brands, equipment and supplies is a key sales strategy for Saruisi. However, management of the individual SPA contracts' terms & conditions is a challenge, risking the ongoing relationship if information is not accurately used and confidentially controlled. Having had issues with its SAP business management system, Saruisi turned to the Meimor platform which has a series of features for effective data retrieval, management and control.
meimor client B2B eStore frontend

Saruisi B2B eStore frontend

meimor client B2B eStore categories list

Saruisi B2B eStore categories list

meimor client B2B eStore product page

Saruisi B2B eStore product page

meimor client B2B eStore QR payment generator

Saruisi B2B eStore QR payment generator

meimor client online registration for SPA retailer events

Saruisi online registration for SPA retailer events

Meimor Case Study: A 500% Increase in Online Membership for Feimanzhi

Feimanzhi is a beauty and skincare SPA brand with a franchise retail network of 100+ locations in Guangdong province. The firm uses the ACTTAO Meimor platform to manage its membership loyalty and marketing programmes across its network. It has increased online membership by 500% and expanded sales by 80%.

  • The fragmented and volatile nature of the beauty sector in Asia created significant CRM and data management challenges for the Feimanzhi tech team who had tried several ERP and cloud business management systems.
  • Client service and operational business processes in a SPA are unique and often particular to the business owner, with additional variables occurring for location and season, for example.
  • Traditional ERP systems are built for desktop use but in many SME retail businesses such as a SPA, the operator is often in front of house customer services, so a mobile UI/UX (user interface/user experience) is essential.
meimor client Feimanzhi sign partnership agreement

Meimor and Feimanzhi sign a partnership agreement

Feimanzhi trusts the Meimor platform -

  • Multi-level platform management. The head office team at Feimanzhi maintains overall executive privileges and function control in the backend of the platform, delegating specific functions only to the franchise venues for their own local admin and operational control. Features such as product/service pricing and staff time management provide a global/local business model that has the flexibility for optimising venue performance dynamically based on their local market requirements.
  • Dynamic IT architecture.Rather than deploy a system at each venue, the Meimor centralized cloud based system gives Feimanzhi better data protection and control. This SaaS model reduces system capital and operational support costs, while data stored in the cloud makes it available where and when its required for real time decision making and performance review of the franchise venues.
  • Advanced membership and loyalty software program. Meimor's built-in loyalty program helps Feimanzhi boost their customer relationship and experience. Features include redemption and transfer of loyalty points accrued on customer spend activity across all venues, where permitted.
meimor client Feimanzhi

Feimanzhi WeChat OA

meimor client saruisi

Feimanzhi online eStore

meimor client saruisi

Feimanzhi SPA network navigation

meimor client saruisi

Feimanzhi online promotion

ACTTAO Meimor B2B B2C eStore eCommerce BEAUTY COSMETCIS PLATFORM features

Meimor - Purpose-built to Support Small Business

The Asia beauty market has revenues of US$125bn and employs 40mn staff across 3mn small businesses.

  • Mr. Li, the owner of the popular Xiuman SPA: "I never expected to increase revenue after just one month using Meimor. Now I believe that O2O eCommerce is the 'new retail' revolution to traditional business! We must embrace it and go forward.
  • Mr. Ba, the distributor of the Cellcosmet brand: "It is just awesome to have our own online eStore. I never imagined that without a tech specialist we could so easily manage our service and product marketing visuals, prices and payment terms. All by myself!
  • Mr. Wang, the owner of a small local SPA: "Since starting with Meimor online beauty eStore platform, my job has become easier and sales volumes have risen. While promoting our new store we no longer need to go travelling around so much. Using the integrated WeChat micromarketing module, we can send out product information direct to our customers on mobile and they respond immediately,delivering us quick sales results.

ACTTAO Meimor O2O Marketing Services support Platform Success

In addition to the Meimor eCommerce platform and WeChat OA (Official Account) integrated features, ACTTAO provides a series of in-country and cross-border online-to-offline (O2O) marketing services.

In beauty & cosmetics, eCommerce alone does not innovate the traditional business model because revenue-generation is heavily customer-centric. The customer on-site experience is critical and cannot be replaced by online technology. Meimor define the eStore as a 7x24 online shop to not only sell product but to deeply engage customers through touch points and experiences that delight. Meimor has a professional consulting team with a beauty industry background and the 'new retail' tech skills.

  • Strategy consulting in product introductions, pricing etc
  • WeChat OA article content creation and publisher marketing
  • Competitive analysis, market gap analysis
  • WeChat viral and follower outreach marketing
  • Micro-sales referral agent & affiliate marketing
  • O2O marketing with POS promotional sales
  • Sales acceleration programmes
  • Offline event management and marketing
ACTTAO meimor Beauty Cosmetics online offline marketing consulting

Meimor privdes consulting service to a SPA client