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It is the time to start selling to China

  • China is vast with 1.4 billion people with an average income that is currently 5 x times that of India. As the second largest market in the world and is a more repsected economy now than the USA [Pew Research, 2017].
  • US$750 billion was spent online in China in 2015; more than the USA and UK combined.
  • E-commerce has become the standard way to transact with mobile purchases growing 86% in one year.
  • The Chinese government now encourages overseas products and services to sell in China through its highly advanced cross-border e-commerce framework and large personal duty free allowances for all Chinese citizens.
Heathrow airport VAT refund & retail services
ACTTAO CBeC Platinum
$298 per month
$898 per month
$1498 per month
Silver Service +
Gold Service +
WeChat E-Commerce Platform
Custom E-store for any Brand or Merchant
WeChat E-commerce Store Verification
Product Returns, Support Desk & Refunds
Scalable Multi-function Software Suite
E-shop Setup & Product Mgt Support
Back-end Dashboard Control Panel
Managed WeChat OA & E-shop
3rd Party Logistics (3PL):
Microseller and KOL Mgt System
Content Localisation
FTZ Customs Support
Customer Loyalty & Rewards Points
Article and Page Design
Voucher Promotion & Redemption
WeChat Marketing & Promotion Tools
Flash Sales, Group Buying
Banner Adverts Design
Order Fulfillment
Pre-Ordering, Tiered Volume Pricing
Social Content Publishing (CMS)
Trading Partner (TP) Customer Services:
Trading Partner (TP) Customer Services:
Customer Relationship Management
O2O Event Marketing Integration
Sales Enquiries Response
Offline (QR) Retailing, Promotions
Post-Sales Support
Post-Sales Support
Incentive Sales Programs
Customer Review Moderation
Service Level Agreement
Service Level Agreement
Push SMS and Chat Notifications
International Payment Integration
WeChat Pay & Alipay Support
E-store Performance & Analytics
Add-On Services

Add-On Services:

  • Business Planning
  • China Marketing Strategy
  • Localization
  • WFOE & In-country Administration
  • Specialist TP Services
  • Specialist 3PL Services
  • Advanced Microseller Agent Management
  • Live Streaming/Video on Demand Platform
  • Advertising /PR
  • Product Marketing/Design Work
  • Influencer Marketing (KOL)
  • Event Marketing
  • Platform Strategies (eg Weibo/Reach Mkting)
  • Microsite Design
  • Competitor and Market Analysis
  • Maintenance Support
  • API Integration
  • Maintenance Support