The ACTTAO cross-border China WeChat E-commerce Platform

Cross-border WeChat-integrated E-commerce

ACTTAO has extended the functionality of WeChat as a mobile micro-channel, integrating it into our e-commerce sales and customer engagement cloud-based B2B2C business management platform.

The ACTTAO-built platform is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription platform and has a deep range of functionality that includes: ​

  • Electronic storefront, malls, chain/branch stores, marketplaces
  • Product catalogue and inventory system
  • Customer accounts and suppliers system
  • Sales and order processing, shopping cart
  • Contract and pricing, integrated EPOS
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Loyalty and promotion, customer rewards
  • Content management system, editorial publishing
  • Micro-marketing with templates
  • Payment and settlement
  • Delivery and logistics administration
  • Analytics and performance data

Highlighted Features of the ACTTAO WeChat E-commerce Platform

Here we highlight a few of the key features of the ACTTAO cross-border China WeChat e-commerce and customer engagement platform:

1. WeChat Cross-border Official Account Setup and Management

International brands and organisations requiring a WeChat e-commerce sales and customer engagement microchannel will require administrative, technical, marketing and management support.

Internet business regulations and certification in China, as well as Tencent’s own policies and procedures around account registration and ownership, prevent foreign firms from easily accessing, running and maximizing the WeChat online platform and WeChat online stores independently. Account set up, proxy account configuration, administration and task coordination, financial and revenue management, technical and operational support, customer service and marketing consulting, and B2B2C function integration are all examples of WeChat client services from ACTTAO.

2. WeChat Content Support and Management

The OA (Official Account) structure places restrictions on the form and volume of publishing, presentation and promotion of posted articles, Engaging customers who follow your firm’s OA through content publishing is therefore limited. For example, there is no way to customize and highlight your latest or most relevant posts.

ACTTAO provides a powerful CMS (content management system) which is an enhancement for customer engagement as it integrates seamlessly with the WeChat OA structure.

For example, the content listing can be segmented so as to bind a range of articles with specific buttons in your WeChat OA menu. The ACTTAO WeChat CMS provides thumbnails and lead paragraphs on an article index page to promote your content.

3. WeChat Social Content-generated E-commerce

WeChat OA content publishing can engage followers and develop interest but to move them successfully down through the customer acquisition funnel to a purchase decision point requires more from the social messaging app.

The ACTTAO platform is designed to incorporate ‘single click through’ transactional behavior in the WeChat customer engagement journey.

In the screengrab example to the left, the highlighted purple square indicates a button that links directly from the OA article to the product profile page in the ACTTAO WeChat-integrated e-shop. The second highlighted purple square below the QR code indicates a link to a digital coupon with a discount offer, supporting an alternative route for the customer journey.

See the next screengrab below which shows the product profile page in the e-shop with a link to the checkout (orange button).

This screen highlights the effectiveness of the approach of ACTTAO social content e-commerce in WeChat, where the purple square shows the conversion rate to sales in only 1 week.

4. WeChat Promotions

The ACTTAO marketing module enables firms to use template designs for online promotional campaigns, with the example here showing an article with embedded vouchers as a push notification to subscribed followers of the OA.

5. WeChat Loyalty and Membership

Repeat purchase and customer lifetime value is the key to social e-commerce. The ACTTAO platform has a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system with deep integration and additional functionality enhancing WeChat e-commerce.

New customer validation is achieved through the registration process which captures the subscriber mobile phone number and generates an SMS automatically to securely confirm the user and links it back to their WeChat account ID.

The registered customer gets access to a personal account page where the user can get loyalty points for nominated online actions e.g. check-in’s, to increase engagement, build loyalty and drive repeat purchase.

Order reviews, shipping history, payment details are some of the functions available in the user account area.

The ACTTAO-designed onsite QR payment function is a pure mobile payment solution for charging purchases digitally and making payments via WeChat Pay and Alipay options.

Redemptions and coupons are stored and reviewable in the user account area. ACTTAO’s virtual currency system provide the merchant with a flexible rewards redemption model, enabling them to allocate reward points either for redeeming goods exclusively or with a mix of cash/digital payments. The merchant can select which products within the range can qualify for rewards point purchase and redemption.

6. WeChat Online Booking and Reservations

The ACTTAO customer engagement and services platform offers an appointment booking and services reservation system.

It has been built to allow a merchant customize it specifically to variables for their business such as service type and availability, locations, and individual professionals. It is ideal for gymnasiums, sports leisure centres, SPAs and salons, therapists, restaurant and services specialists.

Bookings can be made directly within OA articles and posts, as well as accessed through the OA configurable menu.

The merchant can set service professional profiles with rates, working hours and remuneration.

7. WeChat QR Code Scanning, Sharing and Referral

The ACTTAO platform provides functionality to drive virality through your digital marketing. The QR code is an ideal viral tool for word of mouth marketing.

The in-built WeChat QR scanner give the user unlimited access to all content across the platform. ACTTAO has designed an embedded QR function within the long press option on QR codes in WeChat to give any OA pre-configurable links to an online shop, a product, a coupon or a promotional campaign, for example.

A customer voucher displayed in QR code, can also be validated simply by WeChat scanning it.

ACTTAO WeChat-integrated OA demo

Scan the QR code to get access and see the ACTTAO Meimor beauty industry e-commerce and customer engagement platform [in Chinese only].

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