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WeChat Official Account Set Up

  • Account Registration Logistics, Verification and Administration
  • Account Design and Content Strategy
  • Account Structure and Planning
fashion show Wechat Offical Account Setup
wechat eCommerce services

WeChat eCommerce Services

  • eCommerce Store Set Up and Management
  • eCommerce Content Design and Templates
  • WeChat Account (OA) Advanced Customisation
  • WeChat Mini-Program Development
  • QR Code Integrations, Promotions and Voucher Redemptions
  • Cross-border Payment and Settlement

Marketing Services with ACTTAO Partners

  • eStore storefront, malls, branch store chains and marketplaces
  • Social Sharing Articles Management, Publishing and Promotions
  • Product Localisation and Marketing Design
  • Social Media Platforms Reach and Engagement Management e.g. Weibo
  • Customer Discovery, Engagement, Conversion and Loyalty Programmes
  • Live Streaming and Video on Demand Marketing Platform Campaigns
  • KOL (Key Opinion Leaders), Micro-blogger and Social Influencers Programmes
  • Digital and On/Offline Advertising, Events, PR and Promotions
  • Referral Microseller (Weishang) Network Management Programmes
ACTTAO Cross-Beorder eCommerce platform
ACTTAO Cross-Beorder eCommerce platform

eCommerce Merchant Support Services

  • Asia entry Strategy and Business Planning
  • Asia Website Domain Hosting, Optimisation and Support
  • Business Localization and Local Market Optimisation
  • In-country and WFOE Business Administration
  • Trading Partner (TP) Agent Operations for Customer Services and Support
  • Product Returns, Support Desk and Refunds
  • Supply Chain and 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Services Integration
  • International Payment Gateway Support and Settlement
  • API Integration and Platform App Development