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It is the time to start selling to China

  • Over 40 percent of total global eCommerce spending comes from China.
  • By 2020, China’s eCommerce market is predicted to be larger than those of the U.S., the UK, Japan, Germany, and France combined, according to Dezan Shira & Associates.
  • The Chinese government now encourages overseas products and services to sell in China through its highly advanced cross-border eCommerce framework and large personal duty free allowances for all Chinese citizens.
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Choose a subscription package

We currently offer the following software packages with many features for your eCommerce business.

  • ACTTAO Sell2China SILVER (Local)

    Created for local retailers, brands, or merchants that want to sell to Chinese customers. Custom eStore QR codes link Chinese customers to translated descriptions, pricing, and a direct digital payment gateway for goods and services via the WeChat system.
  • ACTTAO Sell2China GOLD (Merchant)

    Designed for small-to-medium brands and merchants selling cross-border into China through our integrated WeChat sales platform.
  • ACTTAO Sell2China PLATINUM (MarketMaker)

    Built for larger brands and merchants, distributors and regional agents with products from multiple brands or vendors selling cross-border into China through our integrated WeChat sales platform.
Add-On Services

ACTTAO Sell2China CBEC Merchant Add-On Services:

  • Localization
  • SKU/Promotion Management
  • Product Display Optimization
  • Wechat Offical Account Menu/Auto-Answering Bot/Greeting Message Configuration
  • WeChat Content Marketing: Article Development and Promotion
  • Wechat Customer Service (CS): Response within 12 hours
  • Real-time WeChat Customer Service Business Hours Only
  • Real-time WeChat Customer Service Non-Business Hours Included
  • Customer Service Call Center
  • Referral Micro-Seller Agent Network Setup and Management
  • Online Brand and PR News Publishing
  • Social Media Dynamic Digital Advertising
  • Competition Insight Analysis Report
  • Competition Tracking
  • .CN Domain Registration, Redirection and Support
  • Free Trade Zone Shipment Retrieval Service
  • Free Trade Zone Order/Pick & Pack Fulfillment Service